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Putting the planet first we are a visionary, innovative global food and beverage hospitality planning, development, asset management and marketing company. We focus on providing sustainable, destination worthy concepts with a soul and a clear identity.

We are community centric with conceptualising, design, marketing, revenue and profitability as our key strategic focuses. We have an emphasis developing concepts that generate a desire for repeat guest visits, that are embedded in the community and kinder to the planet

The Captivate partners are a diverse group of passionate and highly experienced operators in terms of creation of concepts, operational performance, marketing and delivering assured financial results.

Our key focus and mindset to help our clients operate with excellence through concepts that consistently  emotionally engage guests and the team, whilst providing asset value growth and delivering above market ROI returns to investors.


Concept of circular economy is the backbone of our operating philosophy

The Elephant in the dining room

Let’s start with the elephant in the dining room, hospitality has been hit hard by the health crisis, the time has come for us to adapt and create concepts that are efficient to operate and have the ability to be flexible according to business demand with a strong purpose story identity and a bias for being part of the community.

Our concepts take into account wellbeing and health holistically while being experiential, safe and fun to dine and work in for our guests and employees.

The materials we use must be from sustainable sources and our concepts have the right balance of tech integrated to help give the guest the choice of the type of service they want and for the optimisation of operational out puts and financial results.

For Captivate space planning, ergonomic flows and the feeling of the sense of space itself are vital to our concept creations.

It is critical to us to help our clients and investors future proof operating costs and to keep ongoing expenses to a minimum while delivering an emotional connective and safe environment for guests and employees which can include improving the air quality to creating an imbued feeling of harmony with the planet, people and profit for owners.

We believe hospitality has to end the use of factory farming led cheap food production, and hotels should stop procuring food and beverage items that damage the earth’s natural resources, causes excessive stress and pain to animals and harms the environment. In addition we must use traceability of food and drink to protect our guests from chemicals used in the production of the ingredients so producers can yield more profit.

We are a firm believer buying only from people who share the same mindset of everything is connected and that nature needs to be more central to our decision making process.

We will work with our clients to reduce the potential to harm their concept could cause the environment through procuring items that contribute to the overfishing the seas, soil exhaustion, excessive use of water, wasting of energy, and irresponsible waste production.

We encourage making use of data from the tech you include in your operational setup and within the designs we focus on ensuring that the designers work not only on form but that the functional use helps promote productivity and reduces non productive tasks to ensure our clients have a concept that delivers improved profit flow through and provides a balance of operational pressure v. guest experience, to build a positive reputation and to meet the owners financial expectations.

Captivate hospitality partners can support and help existing hospitality businesses evolve to a better operating model that has a bias for being planet friendly in its operating core fundamentals.

Our Story

Collectively Michael Butler, and  Martin Jones  many years’ experience in the hospitality Industry from across the globe working in senior leadership roles for multiple hotels companies and restaurant and bar brands.

“Based in Zurich we came together and created Captivate as we all have a common belief that hospitality should always start with the planet first and with this in mind, we believed we could combine our experiences and expertise to help reshape the future of food and beverage for hotels and independent restaurant and bar operators”.

Our core business focus is developing planet friendly F&B concepts, optimisation of operations through the lens of sustainability with the overall guest experience, and internal infrastructure in harmony with its marketing , product offering and delivering an experience that creates interest and demand.


“Creating Food and Beverage Concepts that start with the planet first”

Our Experience at Leadership level

Our Services


We offer a 360 support service and business consultancy focused on the hospitality industry

Our Focus

Food and Beverage Concepts

We offer a fully fledged shopping basket approach to concept development from a base concept all the way through to opening and project management of the concept including asset management if required. 

Marketing Plan and Strategy

It’s fantastic to have a great concept and operations, the challenge is that often hotels find it challenging to tell their story in a way that breaks above the noise. We can work with your team and improve your restaurant or bars visibility in the local market. 

Guest Experience

The health crisis has changed our guests’ expectations forever. We can help you improve your NPS and online reputation through a full review and audit of your guests journey. We provide regular follow-up calls with an action plan and regular reviews.


It is more important than ever to ensure your food and beverage operation is agile and efficient. We can support with space planning , ergonomics, tech integration and operational workflows reducing nonproductive time and improving your revenues and profit.

Circular Economy

We are all responsible for the planet when it comes to running a business. We believe in proper waste management, reuse , recycling , upcycling and implement  this ideology into our concepts

Industry Focuses

At Captivate we work with Hotels , Senior Living brands, Travel services, Retail environments, standalone operators , and investors wanting to build a hospitality portfolio.  

Food and Beverage Concepts

At the same time delivering destination worthy concepts that deliver great returns on investment

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